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I guess we better start watching what we post and share.

Tough, but not uniformly tough, as a nuanced article in The New York Times this weekend Tech More Mobile Users Are Turning to Facebook’s Whats App for Breaking News It’s hardly breaking news that many headline junkies get their news from Twitter or Facebook of some other social network.

They simply pretend to be celebrities so they can charge their customers more money for their services.

On May 5, the People's Procuratorate of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, arrested five people who were involved in soliciting prostitution via We Chat, and this case has brought online prostitution into light.

China’s popular instant messaging app We Chat is filtering not only keywords, but also images deemed sensitive, without users’ knowledge, according to researchers in Canada.

The findings from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab came after its researchers studied how the app removed discussions and posts concerning a nationwide crackdown on rights lawyers and activists in China.

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  1. spokesman Matthew Traub said the company had already been considering a plan to screen users against the sex offender registry when the lawsuit was filed, though the attention brought by the suit expedited the decision.