Updating roaming on verizion

When something’s amiss, or if you simply need to add more minutes to your plan, this is usually the number you’ll call.

1-800-922-0204: This is the number for when dialing the number.

You're driving down a remote dirt road and you need to make a call -- but your cell phone is in a dead zone and doesn't get a signal.

Rather than just throwing up your hands in disgust and driving until you get reception, there are alterations you can make to your phone as well as products you can use to boost your wireless reception.

Some common pathways to your roaming guards are below.

In my last post, I covered my review of the Verizon i Phone 4.

While I’m on the topic, I thought I would post some tips I’ve learned during my switch to the Verizon i Phone that every Verizon i Phone customer should know about.

This is often triangle, the letter "R" or just the word Roaming.

To ensure that your CDMA device will roam, you can update certain settings in your phone.

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