Temporary protective order dating violence

Utah Code section 78B-7-404(2) provides that a dating violence protective order may prohibit the abuser from threatening to commit or commit any form of violence or abuse against you and any designated family or household member.

Domestic violence can happen regardless of gender or sexual orientation -- anyone could be a victim, and anyone can be an abuser. There are several forms that domestic violence can take. A restraining order is an order issued by a court that applies to an individual that another person has identified as an abuser.Note: A dating relationship does not require sexual intimacy.However, the dating relationship must rise above mere casual fraternization in a business, educational, or social context.The clerk of the court shall provide a copy of this section, simplified forms, and clerical assistance for the preparation and filing of such a petition by any person who is not represented by counsel.Notwithstanding any other law, the clerk of the court may not assess a fee for filing a petition for protection against repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence.

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Some examples of what a restraining orders can do include: It's important to remember that restraining orders are intended to protect a person from specific abusive behavior, so an order will touch on only those persons and activities that a court has been asked to cover. The main types of restraining orders are: A person who violates any one of these orders may be subject to civil or criminal penalties, including fines or incarceration. A person can get a restraining order if he or she has been the target of repeated abusive behavior and in an intimate relationship with another, either in the present or in the past.

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