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@acheong87: I personally wouldn't use "sanity check" to refer to basic validation of input parameter formats, for example.

But if it was in the context of, say, an input form for a car insurance quote, asking for the applicant's Date of Birth, I might call it a "sanity check" to make sure the value input didn't imply the applicant was over 120 years old! It seems the word "sanity" doesn't have anything to do with cleanness or pureness.

I love to play paintball and roleplay table top games and just play video games in general when I am not at a metal show throwing the smaller people around…

if you can’t tell I love to Moshe and being 6’4 and nearly 300ibs I am very good at it (lol).

The passion was still there but the product changed so much I missed the old days so I get my fix form old DVDs.

As far as sports I follow, I really don’t follow them.

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Before removing this notice, you should: SOI, formally known as State of Insanity, is a true alternative online community created in 1995, by Cyber Help, Inc.

She died in Winsted, Mc Leod County, Minnesota in 1872 at age 37, and had just given birth to a daughter less than a month prior to her death. Keep in mind that death due to childbirth or complications from childbirth were rather common at this time and would likely have been named as such. Are you crazy about the thrill of a particular game?Join our community and you'll get to meet other singles from all over the world who have the same passion for games that you do!The content should not be mirrored or otherwise reused until the issue has been resolved.If substantial content is duplicated, unless evidence is provided to the contrary (e.g.

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