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Naturally, Trump furiously rejected the dossier as fake.

Plenty of observers have questioned the dossier’s accuracy; its claims are, after all, both remarkably lurid and conveniently topical, and it is notably light on specific sources.

The connection didn't escape the notice of Parker herself, who posted a meme of her character pondering at her computer (her natural state) that reads, “I couldn't help but wonder: had the Russian ambassador been meeting with everybody except me? Don't know the provenance; however, whoever you are, thank you.” (It was originally tweeted Wednesday evening by Huffington Post writer James Michael Nichols.)Though Carrie never wondered this exact thing aloud, in the sixth season she did date a Russian artist named Aleksandr Petrovsky (played by Mikhail Baryshnikov), which makes this show reference wrapped in a meme on an actress’s Instagram account the Russian equivalent of kissing your fingers like an Italian chef.

Kidnapped at the age of nine, a man cajoled the boy into his flat and then held him prisoner inside one room in the apartment.

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But while anyone involved in the intelligence game knows that all that glitters isn’t gold, insiders in the CIA apparently believe the dossier may contain some grains of truth.

The story also refocuses the spotlight on Russia’s extensive use of so-called “honey traps”.

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