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While the city’s most popular museums tend to be in Manhattan and focus on art, aviation, and natural history, there are a plethora of others in the outer boroughs.

Brooklyn and Queens have museums dedicated to art, film, food, music, public transit, the revolutionary war and more. Different yard tours are available starting at .

It was also of much help in the Cold War, for the coastal nuclear warning system.

In 1953, it was home to the RAF contingent that participated at the Coronation celebrations.

Exhibits are dated from 1776 up to September 11, 2001.

War relics include a French Charleville musket from the Revolutionary War as well as a 6-pounder carronade from 1810.

Perhaps — just as the entire world is trying to make sense of the news from France — it takes a horrible tragedy for each of us, individually, to find out something about ourselves.

“These acts are more violent than any TV news report can show,” Bart says. The impact to a body is something you cannot imagine.” Nearly a decade later, he is not sure why he jumped in to help.

If you visit one museum per day, it would take you more than 30 weeks to see them all.There’s also a slideshow on the life and career of Alexander Hamilton (the base’s namesake).There’s usually a guide on site — Tom “The Godfather” Trombone is a Korean War vet who has been there the longest.The City Reliquary feels like an antique shop that you stumbled upon.Hardly a square foot of wall space is wasted in this tiny community museum along Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg.

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