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They Make Great Rebounds "I dated a guy who was 6 years my junior after a bad breakup. The sex was AMAZING and his friends basically thought I was a goddess ..I couldn't have a normal 'grownup' conversation with him at all, even about the simplest things.

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In the 11th and 12th centuries, the Jewish population in Kiev, in present-day Ukraine, was restricted to a separate quarter.

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However, if you have fallen hard for a married man and simply cannot do without him – be ready for the following realities. He will not attend any social or professional gathering with you by his side.

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Today is the second annual International Day of Happiness! The "G-spot" was almost dubbed the Whipple Tickle after Professor Beverley Whipple, but instead the title went to the Gräfenberg Spot, named after physician Ernst Gräfenberg. Imagine how many ladymags would have headlines like, "Has he found your Whipple Tickle yet? In Medieval England, it was thought that a woman could not get pregnant without having an orgasm. Archaeologists discovered a lead tablet from 7th century Cyprus that contained a simple and clear curse: "May your penis hurt when you make love." It was sort of the earliest mean sext. The word avocado is derived from the proto-Aztecan word "Nahuatal." It means testicle. The longest erect penis ever recorded is 13.5 inches long.

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Admission: Entry into the United States is authorized by a Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. The adoption decree must give the child all the rights of a natural born child.

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