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The Victorians were keen to pull down 'old' buildings in the name of progress and the bomb damage from World War II was used as an excuse to raze whole districts.

Little did he know that two decades later, telenotes would be called texts; the trillions sent around the world would generate an annual £73.5 billion; 3 billion texts a week would be sent in the UK alone ...

Combining the physical effects on blood sugar - and the psychological boost of being able to eat a food most of us enjoy- can make diets containing fat more satisfying and easier to stick to than low-fat regimes.

High-intensity workouts, lasting 10-15 minutes, have been validated by numerous studies as one of the most effective ways of not only decreasing body fat - but also increasing muscle mass, strength, performance and endurance.

She has nearly a decade of experience reporting behind her.

Originally from New Brunswick, her journalism career has taken her from Nova Scotia to Fort Mc Murray.

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