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, but the actress will be returning to our screens tonight in a more familiar (and less risqué) role.The Olivier Award-winning actress is reclaiming the role of Joey Ross, the supernatural investigator sidekick of Alan Davies for a Bank Holiday it is thought to include special guest appearances by a host of big names including Joanna Lumley, Rik Mayall and Sarah Alexander."We don't mention [Sheridan's character] Joey," Davies confirmed to Digital Spy and others, on set for the new three-part run."It is the destiny of former sidekicks that they never get mentioned again!It is becoming a convention of this show."Amateur detective Creek was previously assisted by Smith's Joey Ross, Julia Sawalha's Carla Borrego and, originally, Caroline Quentin's Maddie Magellan."He will never meet anyone quite like Maddy again," Davies acknowledged.

”Minutes later she clarified: “I'm crying laughing that some of you actually fell for that!Nicholas Lyndhurst was approached first, but turned it down for reasons unknown.Rik Mayall also had to decline the offer due to his theatre commitments (although he later showed up in a Christmas special) while Hugh Laurie also did the same because he couldn’t understand Creek’s motivations.The two shows share his trademark intricate plotting and black sense of humour.Jonathan has a thing or two in common with Sherlock Holmes, in that he's a bit of a social dolt and obsessed with his job, and feels most comfortable just quietly working on his gadgets.

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