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It’s clear that some of the idiosyncracies of British life confounded the 32-year-old director; like Polanski, he viewed London through a distorted lens, a city thrillingly transfigured through foreign eyes.

The film stars Diana Dors, exuding a vaudeville sauciness in her role as a man-hungry, bathhouse customer ('Careful boy, you’re too rough’) and Jane Asher, superb as the flirtatious, brittle pool attendant. Pushing the [toy] car toward him, the car wouldn't wheel properly. They had a strong concentration on drama and, as a result of that, I fell into acting. He was a major, but I had always wanted to be an actor. One little boy is playing with a toy car, and pushes the toy car toward him and looks rather sheepish. I remember, at that age, being very impressed by the trickery of film, and the fact that films were a telling of the truth, but through lies.He founded The Academy of Creative Training, a drama school in Brighton, Sussex in 1997. They attached a thin piece of wire, so that when I pushed it, it was pulled. I don’t know why, but I remember thinking this really is to do with telling people lies. JMB: I was born in 1953, so I suppose that must have been 1957 or something like that.

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