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"I went to prom last year with my girlfriend Abby, and it was a blast! Scotty looked up at Kyle, then realized where he was.

"We all know how in love with Gabi you are." He gave his friend a wide grin. "They become boyfriend and girlfriend, and then..." Jacob looked at Mason and the two Kyles, and all 4 nodded. "But there's something I gotta ask." "What's that? "How come you didn't care whether you won Prom King or not?

First things first: Scotty Mc Creery realizes that it would be a bit silly for someone as young as 22 to write his life story.

He says upfront that “Go Big or Go Home,” his book that comes out Tuesday, isn’t really meant to be an autobiography.

He uploads his recent pictures in Instagram to share them with his fans and loved ones.

While rumor has it he is still in contact with his high school sweetheart, he admits to a big ‘crush’ on an older woman too….

Producers suggested Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin’ ” for Mc Creery, who liked the song and thought it fit his style and voice well.

He practiced it and even recorded a version that would be sold on i Tunes after the show aired.

Mc Creery’s rumored to still be seeing his former classmate, Gabi Dugal, but he tells Electric Barnyard: “We stay in contact some, it’s one of those things where we’re both kind of off in our own little worlds, touring and doing different things, but we’ll see each other every now and then …

She’s doing great.” As if he did already have enough on his plate, Mc Creery is also working on his next album and says he has about 7 songs so far, and is testing out some of his new music with fans during his current tour to get an idea of what his fans like the most!

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