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Victor ranted that Nick had been disrespectful toward him since he could remember, and he wanted Nick to find out what it was like to make a living without Victor to fall back on.

Nikki argued that Nick regretted his behavior, but Victor thought Nick only regretted that their altercation had aired on television.

Kimberly Mc Cullough returns as Robin on October 27th Ingo Rademacher returns as Jasper Jacks for Fall Sweeps RUMORS!“There’s drama as soon as her water breaks, [when] things go awry in the midst of labor.” And once Maxie’s little girl makes her debut, “The downward spiral of the truth [about the baby’s identity] coming out” finally begins, shares the daytime TV vet.Thompson’s leading man Patrick, meanwhile, has some bundle-of-joy woes of his own — he just doesn’t know their extent yet.He recalled that she'd been sick of pretending that they had a happy marriage, but she pointed out that they would always be family because they had kids and grandkids.Victor demanded that she stop talking about family, since family to him meant people who appreciated what he'd done and who weren't disloyal.

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But Karen was stripping at Sonny’s club, and he started seeing her and she became hooked on drugs.

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