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Clinical psychologist Bart Rossi said, Today too many people are interested in making a statement about themselves on the internet and creating an influential existence.

Selfies, when used to excess show a lack of depth and a shallow personality.

When a female expresses herself in a half-naked selfie with an obscure musical lyric underneath, what is she saying about herself?

One of the things that I discovered through various relationships and not just romantically, is that you can share information about yourself but as soon as it leaves your mouth, you have no control over how it will be perceived and what impact it will make on that relationship.

portion of this document do not themselves impose enforceable recordkeeping or reporting obligations; such obligations are imposed only by the regulation.I remember a couple of exes telling me that because of my fraught relationship with my mother back then, that there must be something “wrong” with me.I told another ex all the things that bugged me about the previous ex and he adjusted his behaviour, something that to be fair, many people do when they’re eager to win over a partner but it can be quite manipulative if it crosses into a territory of being 1) deceptive and 2) covert abuse.However, in recent years, Whitney Houston's signature message seems to have gotten lost in translation.Two ongoing media trends are getting linked together as contributors to one another's affluent presence among this generation's culture: selfies and mental disorders.

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