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"Where you objectively measure these cognitive tasks, children can do fairly well in that motivated and structured environment" whether or not they have surgery, she said. Redline and her colleagues took 464 children age 5 to 9 and randomly assigned them to surgery or observation at seven academic sleep centers. The children with the most severe apnea were excluded.

"It shows that over a 7-month period of watchful waiting, cognition does not decline." Nearly half the children who did not have the operation improved on their own, Redline said. Children with the surgery showed a large improvement on ratings of things such as impulsiveness, emotional control and quality of sleep that were assessed by parents and teachers.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new study has confirmed that removing the tonsils and adenoids of children with obstructive sleep apnea can reduce sleepiness and improve the quality of life, but putting off the surgery might not hurt either.

The researchers believe this is due to the increased muscle tone in the upper airways, which wind instrument players are likely to have.

The brand is one of the most reliable devices in the industry and many experts have recommended it to doctors at all levels.

As our specialists continue to treat your sleep apnea, we want to ensure you will enjoy restful nights of sleep.

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is a device that allows patients with sleep apnea to improve their breathing functions during sleep.

The function that the CPAP machine performs is that it mechanically increases the air pressure through a patient’s throat and lungs to prevent the airways from breaking down as they breathe in.

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When analyzing the results of the questionnaires, the researchers found that the group who played the wind instruments had a lower risk of developing sleep apnea.

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