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There are many problems arising from this design, the least of which is a blind spot in the retina to allow the blood vessels and nerve fibres which are in front of the light sensing cells to leave the eye.The human brain manages to edit out this deficit in our visual field so that we are normally unaware of it unless we specifically test for it.However, if the light sensing cells pointed towards the light, the blood vessels and nerves would be behind the retina, and the question of a blind spot would simply be a non-issue.Yet Janet Frame's transformation from a painfully shy and introspective child into a celebrated author was not one with which she was comfortable; up until her death she remained a recluse, living under an assumed name and going to considerable lengths to avoid publicity.The third of five children, Janet Paterson Frame was born on August 28 1924 at Dunedin, in New Zealand.

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