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Do you ever wonder what she or he is doing right now?

Suppose that he is on a date with someone who is strongly attracted to him. Your instinct would be to value the innocence of your future spouse. Thinking of your future spouse is a good way to help set boundaries in your own relationships, but there are other ways to know where to draw the line.

With intercourse out of the question, there are ways to grow in intimacy with another and yet remain chaste.

When it comes to intimacy, the million-dollar question is “How far is too far?

How does this take place, and how can you know where to set boundaries when it comes to affection?

Where to Draw the Line If you are being called to marriage, then your future spouse is out there somewhere.

Dating with a trajectory towards marriage means dating with a purpose.

” Males and females are attracted to one another—it’s a natural, healthy part of life to desire a relationship with members of the complementary sex.

Some people hold that everything up to a certain point is healthy and everything beyond that point is “too far.” While there are some clear boundaries, every couple must evaluate for themselves what is holy and healthy in regard to their physical intimacy.

The two are alone, and are wondering how far they should go. For example, if you’re wondering if a particular form of affection is going “too far,” try imagining the expression on her dad’s (or his mom’s) face if he (or she) were to walk in on you.

If you could speak to the heart of your future spouse right now, would you say, “Live in the moment! One young man said, “I heard somebody say that you can judge your own character by the things you do in private.

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