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With nothing to say about their best friend, Dawn started to doubt his player skills.The following day, while the other two guys were competing for Dawn’s attention, Bryan just stayed downstairs and kept to himself, which only helped Dawn make her decision.” exclaims former contestant Whitney Bischoff, who made it all the way on her season, getting engaged to (and later breaking it off with) Iowa farmer Chris Soules.

Thankfully this is America, and we have the freedom do BOTH if we want to. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a little nervous about appearing on TV in front of millions of viewers — viewers who are going to dissect (and, sadly, hate-tweet) your every move, makeup malfunction, and bad hair day.(Just look at what happened to We already know that they spend way more than men to compete in the series, and a large chunk of that comes down to some seriously intense beauty prep and maintenance.Perhaps it's time to throw the rice — and maybe heat up some cheese pasta too.The Bachelor season 21 villain Corinne Olympios says in Us Weekly's current issue that she does not have a fiancé, despite sources having told Us that she is engaged to a Miami guy who she had dated off and on prior to going on the show.

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