Accomodating children with dyslexia

Do not for one minute believe that this way of thinking adequately describes your child.

The US Department of Justice just released final regulations regarding the implementation of the American for Disabilities Act.

It is important for the IEP or 504 planning team to include a professional with expertise in the educational needs of students with hearing loss so that the unique access and learning needs of the student with hearing loss are understood and can be appropriately accommodated.

They've been campaigning for a century to make the spelling of the English language easier and recently picketed a spelling bee in the US to make their point. Masha Bell, a member of the society and author of Understanding English Spelling, believes that reform of the spelling of the English language could help children learn to read and make life easier for some adults too.

MASHA BELL: The Simplified Spelling Society believes that the spelling of English needs simplifying so children's literacy can improve.

We pitched the two, spelling reformer and spelling traditionalist, into a battle to persuade the other.The coverage and requirements of the WFEA, ADA and Rehabilitation Act are similar, so the following pages describe the general definitions, terms and reasonable accommodations under all three.This article is devoted to disability and reasonable accommodation after a person is employed.All of these factors create gaps that need to be “filled in” by the hard of hearing student which in turn increases the required listening effort relative to their peers.In addition, they need to achieve this through a damaged cochlea. It is and your hard of hearing student has to do this while still engaging in the retrieval of information, the processing of complex questioning as well as the stress of test-taking.

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